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The Rauf Ali Fellowship is an annual research grant that funds innovative ecological research in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Each year, two of the top research proposals will be awarded up to ₹ 2,50,000 each.


The Rauf Ali Fellowship is open to all researchers interested in working in the Andaman Islands. An ideal candidate for the award will have demonstrable motivation to work in the Andaman Islands, past research experience or equivalent, and a clear plan for research for up to a one year period.

Application process
All applicants must fill out a Fellowship Application Form (see below) which must contain the following components:

1. A research proposal not exceeding four pages detailing the motivation, objectives, hypotheses, methodological approach and expected results

2. Applicant’s CV or Resume not exceeding two pages, that must include evidence of past research if any, education qualifications and a paragraph demonstrating your preparedness with managing a team and completing your project

3. A timeline for this project not exceeding one page, beginning with preliminary data collection and ending with a timeline to submit reports and publish in peer-reviewed journals

4. An approximate budget not exceeding two pages, indicating how the grant money will be utilized. The details of how this money can be used are in the Fellowship Application Form.

5. A signed copy of a Privacy form (Form-A, included in the Fellowship Application Form), indicating your willingness to allow us to share basic personal information and progress reports of your project on our website and as part of publicity

6. In addition to the documents listed above, we require two letters of recommendation, sent directly by referees (and not the applicant) to with the subject line “Rauf Ali Fellowship 202x – Reference letter – <Applicant Name >”, on or BEFORE THE ANNOUNCED DEADLINE. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to contact the referee and request them to send their letters directly to the above email address. Referees must use their official or institutional emails to email the reference letter to us and include their contact details in the letter.

Your submission , with Items 1-5 completed, will have to be sent as an email to with the subject line – “Rauf Ali Fellowship Application 202X” ON OR BEFORE THE ANNOUNCED DEADLINE. The application form is attached below – the research proposal, curriculum vitae and research timeline should be pasted into the attached word documented, converted to a PDF file, renamed as RaufAliFellowship_<Year>_<Last-Name>_<First-Name>.pdf and sent to on or before the deadline.

No late submissions will be entertained, without exception.


Selected candidates
Selected candidates will be required to submit proof of identity (Aadhar, Passport) and Bank account details for fund transfer. While funds can be routed through NGOs or institutions where the selected candidate has worked or plans to work, we strongly discourage overhead costs by institutions as it runs counter to the spirit of this grant.

All selected projects that involve interviews of people will require a clearance from a human ethics committee. All selected projects that involve handling of animals in any form will require clearance from an animal ethics committee. All field work will be conducted with appropriate permits from relevant departments in the islands- the Forest Department, Fisheries Department or Tribal Affairs Department as applicable.

All awardees will be required to sign forms complying with guidelines for a) field safety, including that of employed field assistants and b) appropriate conduct that meets international standards for prevention of workplace and sexual harassment.

We require bills for all costs, to be submitted at the end of the duration of the project as a compiled PDF. Vouchers may be used for individual expenses not exceeding ₹500, with the total voucher amount not exceeding 5% of the total grant amount disbursed.

Selected candidates may be asked to present their work at the end of the grant duration, either online or in-person (all costs associated with this presentation will be covered by us) – these talks may be recorded and hosted on this website.


Deliverables due at the end of the project (9 – 12 months from date of award)
a) A report submitted to the Andaman and Nicobar Administration, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change in Port Blair (Forest Department) and any other relevant departments.

b) A copy of the same department report, reformatted as a project completion report that will be shared publicly on this website


Selection Process
All eligible proposals will be reviewed by a committee of subject experts in the ecological, biological, conservation and socio-ecological sciences. The committee will shortlist a subset of the best proposals based on the quality and rigour of the work proposed, how innovative it is, and its relevance to the ecology and conservation of the natural resources of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Shortlisted candidates may then be interviewed to select the two final awardees. The decision of the committee will be final.